ALAMBRA by combining knowledge together with tradition and long-term expertise provides consumers with the Traditional goat Halloumi superior quality. Enjoy the taste of tradition by choosing the Traditional goat Halloumi “the granny.” Travel in time with its authentic flavor that is based on the traditional grandma’s recipe which grew generations and generations and produced using the traditional method of Talari with half-moon shape .

The traditional and unique flavor Original Halloumi “the granny” has managed to place both in the Cyprus market and the world with great success.

Packages: 225g , 2x225g

Fresh sheep and goat milk, non animal rennet, salt and mint

Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy, kJ 1399.00
Energy, kcal 337.00
Fat 26.00
of which Saturates 15.00
Carbohydrates 2.90
of which Sugars 0.20
Proteins 22.80
Salt 3.00