The company’s development as well as the guaranteed quality of our products, which is well-known worldwide, is reflected through the various awards received over the years:

  • 1998 , 2000 , 2004 , 2006 : Cyprus Export Awards.

All the awards were nominated by the respective President of the Republic in special ceremonies.

  • 2001: Golden Award for the quality of Halloumi and Feta ALAMBRA in an international contest in which 122 countries took part.
  • 2003 , 2008, 2010: Export Award from European Union for outstanding performance in export activities.
  • 2011: Halloumi ALAMBRA with Chilli Awards in competitions that took place in the UK and was attended by companies from the international market

International Cheese Award 2011 – Nantwich:

  • Gold Award for Asda Products
  • Champion Cheese for Asda Products
  • Silver Award for the best new Dairy product

Royal Highland Show 2011

  • Silver Award in Category cheese with Flavour Added
  • 2012: Global Cheese Awards
    • Silver Award for Regular Halloumi Cheese
  • 2013: World Cheese Awards
    • Golden Award for Halloumi ALAMBRA with Chilli
    • Silver Award for the Traditional Sheep’s & Goat’s Halloumi “the granny”
  • 2014: Export Award from European Union for outstanding performance in export activities
  • 2015:
    • Quality Award at the Global Cheese Awards 2015: Halloumi cheese – Bronze Award
    • Export Performance Award from the Larnaka Chamber of Commerce.
    • Gastronomos 2015 Quality Award: Export Activities
  • 2016: Export Award from European Union for outstanding performance in export activities
      • 2017: LSE included Petrou Bros 1000 companies that Inspired Europe