As part of ALAMBRA CSR campaigns, with a high sense of responsibility for the environment and the goals set for an active contribution to the protection of the environment and the saving of natural resources, the company has set up and operated a privately owned innovative biological plant , in its modern facilities. This investment is an important innovation for the Cypriot cheese industry since with the use of the latest technology anaerobic treatment of the company’s wastewater, we have biogas production for own use.

Specifically, in the facilities of the biological station, with an anaerobic treatment of the wastewater and whey produced by the company with the daily use of fresh milk, we have the production and storage of biogas for own use, contributes to the improvement of the environment. The operation of the biological plant saves a significant amount of energy and at the same time reduces the additional burden on the environment, by limiting the use of oil for the needs of the plant.

The biogas that is produced is used as a renewable energy source, ie “green” energy, environmentally friendly and is used for the operation of steam boilers.

The aim of the company is the further treatment of the wastewater resulting from the biological treatment and the production of water for irrigation so that it contributes significantly to the problem of drought.

This investment took place 10 years after the establishment of its new factory in Larnaca and was part of the investments made in its facilities, with extensions to its production and warehousing areas,  with the creation of an ultra modern distribution center.

ALAMBRA Dairy, from its foundation until today, continues to evolve fully understanding the needs of the modern consumer, integrating in its successful course, ecological consciousness, having as its eternal guide the quality and the Cypriot tradition.