In our Dairy Company, we were blessed to have a grandmother who left us invaluable heritage and traditional recipes. Grandmother Kakoulou produced, tirelessly and always with love, pure dairy products in our village of Alambra. A mother of 7 children, a grandmother of 22 grandchildren and a grandmother of 38 great grandchilds, together with our grandfather, grew up the family with their own milk and dairy production.

When unfortunately the grandmother lost her life in an accident in 1986, as a sign of appreciation and respect, our family proceeded to create the product range “YIAYIA” (the Granny). Inspired by her, the worthy woman, through this Brand range we have kept the traditional recipes intact.

28/03/2017 on the Grandmother’s International Day, we announced the launch of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, named “Our best granny” (I YIAYIA mas I kali!).

We truly believe that every grandmother deserves the best, so with various actions, we will work for the quality of life of the third age and for the revival of our traditions.

At the same time, within our campaign, we will take various actions to raise public awareness on environmental, social and other related issues.

We give our promise that we will go forward without forgetting where we started.

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