ALAMBRA also produces a wide variety of Cyprus yoghurts. The well known Traditional Authentic Sheep Yoghurt “the granny” dominates the market because of the authentic Cypriot flavour it offers that many generations know and love since it is based on the traditional recipe of our grandmothers without any preservatives added. Transcend time by experiencing the authentic flavour of “the granny” yoghurt.

“The granny” yoghurt is produced from 100% fresh milk collected daily from 300 milk suppliers.

Packages: 400g

Pasteurized Fresh Sheep’s Milk, Yoghurt Culture

Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy, kJ 376.50
Energy, kcal 90.50
Fat 6.50
of which Saturates 4.00
Carbohydrates 2.50
of which Sugars 2.00
Proteins 5.50
Salt 0.10