New grated cheeses ALAMBRA

Petrou Bros has launched new grated cheeses range, enriching the already well-known range of ALAMBRA products and “YIAYIA” with four more new codes.

The new ALAMBRA grated cheese range includes, Grated Edam and Gouda cheese, Grated Mozzarella and a Mixture of 4 Grated cheeses, which are available in an innovative, convenient and easy-to-use package that retains its freshness after the first opening.

Combining the rich and wonderful taste with the excellent quality, the new grated ALAMBRA cheeses are the ideal ingredient for pizza, pasta, salad and any other recipe. The range allows cheese lovers to create the ultimate flavor combinations, always depending on their own tastes in cheese types.

Finally, with the addition of the new ALAMPRA grated cheeses to its range, the company once again declares its presence in the modern market dynamically, with nutritional solutions and options that meet the requirements of consumers for quality products.

COVID-19 – “Together, we can do great things’’

for vulnerable groups of Cyprus

With the message “Together, we can do great things”, ALAMBRA Dairy, covering the needs of the vulnerable groups of our fellow citizens during this difficult time that we are all going through. Specifically, from 28/03, the company offers daily free ALAMBRA milk, from 07:00 to 10:00, in selected supermarkets in all cities.

The aim of this action is to alleviate, the vulnerable groups of the population, strengthening the company’s promise to help the place in every possible way, through the promotion of practical support of people who need it most.

In this context and at a time when public health protection is more important than ever, the company is supplying vulnerable groups with basic needs with high nutritional value, such as milk, contributing in their own way to the struggle to treat the pandemic.

Finally, PETROU BROS invites everyone to stay safe at home and we promise to remain a loyal helper to every fellow human being who needs it in these difficult times.

Νέοι φυσικοί χυμοί με την ποιότητα ΑΛΑΜΠΡΑ που ξέρουμε και εμπιστευόμαστε

Νέοι φυσικοί χυμοί με την ποιότητα ΑΛΑΜΠΡΑ που ξέρουμε και εμπιστευόμαστε

Η Γαλακτοβιομηχανία Α/φοί Πέτρου, γνωστή για τα γαλακτοκομικά προϊόντα ΑΛΑΜΠΡΑ και  «Η ΓΙΑΓΙΑ», ανακοινώνει το λανσάρισμα των νέων, απολαυστικών φυσικών χυμών ΑΛΑΜΠΡΑ στην κυπριακή αγορά.

Οι 100% φυσικοί χυμοί ΑΛΑΜΠΡΑ αποτελούν τη νέα σειρά προϊόντων που δημιούργησε η εταιρεία, με σκοπό να ικανοποιήσει τις όλο και πιο απαιτητικές διατροφικές ανάγκες του σύγχρονου καταναλωτή, με πλούσια θρεπτικά συστατικά, χωρίς την προσθήκη ζάχαρης και συντηρητικών .

Οι νέοι χυμοί κυκλοφορούν στα ράφια υπεραγορών και άλλων σημείων παγκύπρια σε συσκευασία του 1 λίτρου και των 330ml, χαρίζοντας μοναδικούς συνδυασμούς γεύσεων από επιλεγμένα ελληνικά φρούτα, που τονώνουν και αναζωογονούν τον οργανισμό κάθε στιγμή της ημέρας. Συγκεκριμένα, η γκάμα περιλαμβάνει 4 γεύσεις: Πορτοκάλι, Ρόδι σε συνδυασμό με μήλο, κόκκινο σταφύλι και πορτοκάλι, Καρότο σε συνδυασμό με πορτοκάλι και μήλο, όπως επίσης και τον εναλλακτικό συνδυασμό που έχει ως βάση το θρεπτικό Παντζάρι μαζί με μήλο, πορτοκάλι και καρότο.

Ανακαλύψτε λοιπόν τη δική σας αγαπημένη γεύση φυσικού χυμού, απολαμβάνοντας όλη τη φρεσκάδα και δροσιά των ελληνικών φρούτων στο ποτήρι σας… πάντα με την ποιότητα ΑΛΑΜΠΡΑ που ξέρουμε και εμπιστευόμαστε εδώ και χρόνια.

YIAYIA … efcharisto!

Campaign with Alpha Mega stores 28/03/2019 – 01/05/2019

With a strong sense of social responsibility, Petrou Bros Dairies, well known for ALAMBRA and YIAYIA products, announced at a press conference the launch of the campaign “YIAYIA..efcharisto’’ (thanks granny!) in cooperation with ALPHA MEGA Supermarkets. The conference took place on Thursday 28 March, on Grandma’s Day.

The aim of the campaign is to support all the grandmothers of Cyprus, expressing them a huge “thank you” for everything they offer every day to every Cypriot family while being inspired by the life and action of Yiayia Kakoulou grandmother, the provider of the traditional and authentic recipes of all ALAMBRA products.

As stated at the conference, the ultimate goal of implementing this action is the financial support of the OASIS Aghios Georgios an elderly House in Larnaca. Specifically, from 28/03/2019 up to 01/05/2019, with purchases of traditional products ALAMBRA YIAYIA from Alpha Mega store, will be offered to the elderly House € 0.10 per piece for Yoghurt and Grated cheese and  € 0.50 per kilo for Halloumi and Anari cheese.

Among other things, on behalf of Petrou Bros, the Commercial Manager of the company Mr. Michalis Petrou stated in a statement: “We invite you to support our effort so that we can all contribute together to the social well-being of the grandmothers of Cyprus, from the social responsibility campaign, YIAYIA… EFCHARISTO!. “

Finally, it is worth noting that Petrou Bros will continue to support all the grandmothers of Cyprus for all those invaluable things that offer us tirelessly in our country while maintaining the traditional authentic recipes of Yiayia  Kakoulous who have all loved for more for 35 years.

Successful presence at the International Food Exhibitions 2018

As part of the promotion of its traditional products, PETROU BROS DAIRY, known through brand name ALAMBRA and  authentic traditional products range “YIAYIA”, participated once again successfully at the International Food Fair SIAL Paris, from 21 to 25 October 2018.

SIAL Exhibition is one of the most important International Food Exhibitions, bringing together producers and buyers from all over the world, while presenting the trends and innovations that shape tomorrow’s food industry.

It is worth mentioning that throughout the year, the company has also been equally successful in a number of International Trade Exhibitions for Food and Drinks, aiming to further expand its activities abroad. Specifically, it presented and promoted its traditional product range with its own stand, which was highly Cypriot and traditional style, in 7 different International Exhibitions worldwide.

Today, taking advantage of the experience and know-how that has characterized its course for more than 35 years, PETROU Dairy is the largest producer and exporter of Halloumi cheese in Cyprus, and exports its products to more than 40 countries worldwide.

This, combined with the successful presence of the company at International Exhibitions, further enhances the effort to promote and preserve the authentic Cypriot tradition and love for good and quality flavors that meet the needs of the modern consumer.

CSR “I YIAYIA mas”! New Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign

With a strong sense of social responsibility, our company announces the launch of a series of actions aimed at raising awareness, informing and expressing a great thank you to all the grandmothers of Cyprus, who support every Cypriot family.

The whole campaign stems from life, action, great heritage and timeless recipes, left by the late Granny Kakoulou, from which the “YIAYIA” dairy products range was named.

The company has planned a series of actions through which it wants to illuminate the offer of Cypriot grandmother. In cooperation with the ALPHAEGA supermarkets, a campaign was launched to financially support the Saint Nektarios Charity Foundation, which will run from March 26 to April 11. Specifically, with every yoghurt purchase “YIAYIA” from ALPHAMEGA hypermarkets, € 0.10 per piece will be offered to the Saint Netharios Charity Foundation, while for every purchase the “YIAYIA” halloumi will offer € 0.50 per kilo.

Furthermore, the company has created a video-tribute to grandmothers, as a sign of gratitude for their valuable contribution to the community. At the same time, honoring the tradition preserved and kept alive by grandmothers, a series of small films were prepared, in which grandmothers from all corners of Cyprus prepare traditional recipes using the pure authentic products “YIAYIA”.

Furthermore, it is also worth noting that at the suggestion of the artist Nikos Ierodiokonos, who won the Cyprus Post Competition, the image from the 35-years celebration television spot with Grandma of the Alambra at the time of making the traditional halloumi, will now adorn the Cyprus stamps.

Finally, the recognizing all the invaluable gifts that every grandmother offers to her family, is committed to continuing practical support to all the grandmothers of Cyprus. Moreover, since the beginning of our production, we have created products based on the traditional recipes of Grandmother Kakoulous, thus preserving the authentic flavors that have been loved by hundreds of Cypriots for more than 35 years.

“Petrou Bros Dairy Products Ltd” inspires Europe

We are glad to inform you that Petrou Bros Dairy Products Ltd was included in the annual report of the London Stock Exchange, as one of the 1000 companies across Europe with the fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The “1000 Companies to Inspire Europe” report, evaluates and rewards Europe’s fastest-growing SMEs. Key criteria of this great honor are the size, cost-effectiveness and composite growth rate of more than 100% of the company over the past three years.

Focusing on the development of entrepreneurship and innovation through the “ALAMBRA” range, and through the worldwide promotion of its products, the family business of PETROU BROS, stands ready to continue its important work as a Cypriot SMEs witha part in the driving force and the future of the European economy.

By contributing to the development of new jobs and offering new and stable opportunities for economic growth, the company takes advantage of its 35 years experience and expertise aiming at the continuation of the authentic Cypriot tradition and production ofhigh quality flavors that meet the continuously demanding nutrition needs of today’s consumers.

Our family would like to thank you for the long term support and the great cooperation. Your support is our power and our source of development and growing!

 For more information regarding the report “1000 Companies to Inspire Europe” visit:

International Exhibitions FOOD EXPO / IFE 2017

One more year the company participated with great success in the International Trade Fairs

FOOD EXPO 2017 in Athens

IFE 2017 in London

Our target the promotion of traditional Cypriot quality products to all parts of the world, having as support our 35-year history and the tradition and history of our island.

Thank you for your support!