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Halloumi Cheese is the famous traditional white cheese of Cyprus which has been produced on the island for centuries. The name Halloumi is derived from the Greek word “almi” which means salty.

It’s a folded semi-hard cheese prepared from cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk and then rolled in wild mint and soaked in brine. This made it possible to store Cyprus Halloumi Cheese for long periods, despite the islands hot climate.

Cyprus Halloumi Cheese has a rectangular or semi – circle shape and it’s usually stored in temperature below 6oC. It lays claim to being the world’s most fascinating cheese. It is a cheese of endless variety and whatever you decide to do with it always retains its shape and texture.

You can enjoy Cyprus Halloumi Cheese at any form, Ideal for Grilling, frying, barbecuing and grating. You can taste it as it come fresh, as an addition to cooked dish, in salad or accompanying cold fruits especially cold watermelon.

In recents years, Halloumi cheese range increase by adding flavors in the traditional cheese such as Chili , Basil, Black pepper combining traditional taste with modern consumer needs.

Cyprus Halloumi Cheese is produced in modern factories using advance technology but always with great respect to tradition.

Halloumi cheese is exported to 30 countries worldwide with annual demand increase of 20%!

Feel the GRILLED experience!