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Organic Goat milk has by nature all the nutritional values ​​of traditional Greek goat milk. It is easily digestible and even the physical and chemical composition places it very close to the breast milk!

100% Greek Organic goat milk OLYMPOS is collected by organic farms that live and bred from the nature. Collected daily and bottled highlighting its high nutritive value and distinctive pleasant taste!

A nutritional proposal of OLYMPOS that offers health and wellness … from the past!

Enjoy the OLYMPOS Goat Bio Milk with 3.5% fat and 1.5% fat

Package: 1lt

Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy, kJ 62.00
Energy, kcal 283.00
Fat 3.50
of which Saturates 2.20
Carbohydrates 4.50
of which Sugars 4.50
Proteins 3.10
Salt 0.00